Class 5 Respect

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, November 1, 2019 8:53 PM

Coordination Alpha; To be a space traveler one must expect to see things that are taboo today. Coordination Alpha is the climax of the meeting but leave with a sound representation of the Earth. The Class 5 Star Craft has presence with the equipment borage on board. They will see that you are not into delay and flounder, they will respect that. This craft is all business, it navigates the delta without pollution, It inspects the molecular count in detail. It allows for life on board and to survive in the climax delta of space. The green laser is focused to generate a communication with an unknown ,but limited in delta. Our planet is a popular one, and the complex algorithm for space travel is one to be respected. The 12 hour rotation has in the signal rounds 2 times to delta , conversation is expected to understand. If the beam can rotate it allows for more information. The green laser is like a hand shake to them. The conversation starts when the laser is focused at 41 degrees and not toward them. The conversation is you and your identity to the solar system. The clock represents the time, hours of a day, you must collaborate with A/I onboard to show the delude in detail centrifuge delta. Test the space you are in delta with. Do not stop , to communicate, keep moving if they are interested they will follow, but the colleague of material is for them to compromise their own technology over ours. This is coordination alpha. duplex the warrant, delta the forgoing and keep moving. The green laser also represents a healthy life style. They will take it to mean that the people of Earth are conscious of photon interaction. They know the detail of color in the spectrum analysis. Green is life supporting. The blue is understanding the Universe. Your blue laser is only used after they have concealed the delta. They will identify them selves with a blue or orange in spectrum. You must wait until you see their blue before you use your blue laser. If you use your blue first, you are saying that you are superior to their technology, its important detail to remember. Do- not use until you see theirs first. The blue to us is the knowledge of the Universe we travel in. If they doubt you, they will throw up a yellow. Yellow is caution out their too. You are not interested in taking on any lessons from them. Yellow represents the alpha in photon exchange. Blue is derived from the Universe, Green represents life incursion. Orange is conditional. If they throw up a orange they want you to stop. Coordination alpha says we do not stop unless their is coordination in communication, damaged craft, or distressed call. 410022781.4 Space Law Corporal alpha signaling.

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