Class 7 Boomerang

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 8:21 PM

Class 7 Starship; The Class 7 is in a class all its own. This ship has two inductive linear accelerators. Its looks like a boomerang and each linear accelerator is on each side. It requires two Lears to operate the ship. One on each side. The craft is linear, its position is paramount, it has the ability to warp speed with anti-matter. The reaction is made between the accelerators. The engulf is in overture to the resilience field. This craft holds only resilience in culvert appendectomy. There are 2 fields created and columbine the craft. There is only one line of induction plates. They are 22 inches thick, and they are mounted in the rear of the ship. They are present delta at fortitude engulf at 41 inches into the ship. They are lined up from wing to wing. The copper cobalt lead is 14 inches thick. It spans the plates linear convulsion and carried from wing to wing. The power generation boasts a sultry 41,000 volts and capillary disdain at 41 amps. The generation that builds this is in for a colossal trip around the Universe. The induction plates are identified in sequence to the power display. When the power hits the plates in inversion each plate is thruster forward. Each plate can carry the craft, all induction is in sequence to the Lear's convulsion expression to the plate desired. There are 41 plates, each one capable of thrusting forward. The wing span is 181 ft. The Star Ship is 4 inches in hull thickness. All galaxy shields are 4 inches and match the hull. Its metal composition is aluminum cobalt delta at 3 to one. It has flex capabilities and can stretch in culvert. The proportions are equal to the disdain in culvert reaction. Hydrogen field is columbine to the interior ceiling. This spaceship is designed for hydrogen reaction. The field on the inside is behind 2 inches of glass. It spans from the tip of the ship and spans to the rear of the craft just above the crew and is 4-ft in width in taper. The hydrogen span is designed to allow the craft to stretch in culvert at Mach speeds without distortion of the Hull. The hydrogen span is a collegiate collective in space crafting, it allows for fast trips around the Universe, and the control of the hull in Asper deluge delta. The hydrogen is trapped behind the glass when the hull flexes the hydrogen is the malleable surface in culvert to the crafts top out speed. The hydrogen acts like a barrier width to the hull on the inside of the star ship. Hydrogen is a BARRIER WIDTH, it complies to the dramatic extensions of matter. 440022381.2 over the disdain space culvert 128122481.2

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