Collegiate Forces

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, October 12, 2020 1:46 PM

Blankenship Veins; The delta in space has a deterioration, deltas can slow down, they can stop in the Blankenship Veins. These areas of space are void of planets and moons, the stars are the culvert in these areas. These areas are controlled by the conglomerate of space. The space in-value or structure are subjective to many chemicals. When the conglomerate is in Blankenship Vein, it will command the deltas to move certain particles to the area, these sectors are found in our galaxy. These veins carry the chemicals to the newly star formations and collide in mass entropy. The delta that carries the chemicals can converge in the new entropy and allow the converse to take shape with the molecular structure being delivered. The dysteria that is created are false negatives. They continue to collide until there is congeal. This colombo is the delta that completes the solar system. The Class 5 star craft is not allowed in the Blankenship vein. The sector of space is vector 78122481.2 near Venus, it is the beginning of the Blankenship out to outer space. The chemicals harvested there are for the conglomerate to delta the structure to areas of space where life can evolve. Venus is a good location for special Altas that can survive the converse alpha signals to the Blankenship vein cluster. As a space traveler you must know where the Blankenship veins are, and try not to invoke the inversion field of your craft. If you are close enough the conglomerate will vanquish your power to deliver the chemicals needed for life even if it means your life is the sacrifice. This vector is very important it lies 180,000 miles above the planet Venus. the delta extends down to the surface of the planet and collaborates with the conglomerate for supplies. The vectors for Blankenship will be discussed and their locations are part of the Space Law we have introduced to our technology. These areas are convulsive and will pull your ship and try to manipulate your journey, stay off the top of Venus. Collegiate forces 1281718122481.2.

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