Compounded Algorithm

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, May 18, 2020 7:42 PM

Car-noc Delta; The Car-noc Delta Has the variance with the Universe. It supplies the Earth with a rotational spin involvement with the Universe. When the Earth spins on its axes the calliope it stirs up in the Universe is Car-noc alpha. The Car-noc Delta is the work, and the Carnoc alpha is the signal to the Universe. The Car-noc Delta has to remain in sequence with the Universe. This communication between the Carnoc delta and the Car-noc alpha is broken down, this is the Compound Nature of our planet. The communication can stir up storms, create Earth quakes ,tsunami, and many Global events. Volcanoes are of significant disturbance. The two energies are a communication apparatus for the Universe and the Earth. The Car-noc Delta can not slow down, if it does the Earth feels the Universe. The Carnoc Alpha releases the solitude alpha sequence to the Earth ,the response is Earth quakes. If we experience the Car-noc Delta slowing down the equatorial bulge will shrink and the Planet will slow down. This will in turn create Earthquakes globally. The communication between the Earth and the Universe there's not been much study, however the cast of disdain is particle infraction. Compound Nature is very important to life on this planet. The Car-noc delta has the variance, but will always try to keep up with the particle infraction released by the Car noc alpha of the Universe. This has a compound algorithm, Car-noc Delta 48128122787381.4 compounded, by the spin aperture involvement of the Universe Car-noc ALPHA 7812238122719.9. They work together in maintaining the rotation of the Earth in sequence delta overture. If we loose any of these two energies we will stop rotating. Inductive Power insures that our compound Nature is satisfied with healthy energy and can help its supply with the Universe and lower the chances of full scale events. If the Earth stops we will not be able to breath. Gravity has nothing to do with it. You will not float off. You will suffocate due to the lack of oxygen and the basic particle infractions. Inductive Power is a vital condition of the Earth and the atmosphere we must learn how to manufacture it and deluge the compounded energy into the atmosphere. This is healthy for the Earth and its communication with the Universe. To much Nuclear can increase the Car-noc Delta, speeding our planet up, the results are the same in light conditioning atmospheric anomalies. High volume of Volcanoes activity. Earth quakes, flooding and very large storms. Low birth rate. Food shortages. Contaminations of water and our Oceans. Energy moves everything 128122787381.2 Delta ingrates.

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