Compounded Nitrogen

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 7:42 PM

Nitrogen Balance; Nitrogen creates balance for the Star Craft. This is a flax delta, it communicates with the Lear and reacts to the induction node alpha sequence. Nitrogen is the balancer, it wants to balance the craft in-vitro. The 81 gallons of liquid Nitrogen is the alpha in space. The space conglomerate of nitrogen is in process of compounded nitrogen with Earth friction. The craft will correct itself in Earths atmosphere and out in space with liquid nitrogen at the perimeter of the craft. The inbuilt nitro chamber spans 8 ft. across the center of the craft horizontally. Nitrogen in-vitro, meaning built in the hull acts in stable condition to the craft. It also is a resource for compounded nitrogen in the craft and at the helm helmet. Nitrogen particles are required for long distances in space. The helmet conditions every 41 minutes 1/2 second spurt in the helmet. The discharge is at the neck line. The helmet is coordinated for oxygen in the same way. The in-vitro condition of the craft depend on these two components oxygen and nitrogen. They both are considered alpha molecular structure in-vitro. The safety armaments are apparent of the conditioning in the alpha state of travel. Liquid Nitrogen not only creates balance in space but is looked at by other determination planets that can take the contents from the ship. The recourse with Gas Giants for that reason is no closer than 81 million miles in proximity. These giants can not take the contents if built into Hull, and or the bottles but can eliminate the in-vitro of the interior conglomerate molecular structure. The 4 inch hull provides adequate detention for determinations grater than alpha signals than the craft. These Gas Giants can tug on the craft for that in-vitro, its important for the Lear to make his own determinations in proximity but the allowance is the culvert. Gas Giants restore the gas conglomerate for the Universe, so its expected that they are aware of your presence with the special cargo they are attracted to. All the gas giants are part of the greater part of the conglomerate of space. They know gas and can collect it. 4488281.2.

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