Compounding The Molecule

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, July 5, 2019 5:57 PM

Consortium Alpha; When molecules are free flowing the fuel is independent. These molecules are trident delta. They aspire to be free. They also seek the path of least resistance. Consortium alpha are the molecules that are hitting the induction plates. they sever into the plate harness. They are driven to ground and find themselves through the plate and to the induction coupler. This is known as Consortium Alpha Disdain. The fuel molecule hits the plate and finds itself on the wet side of the induction coupler. The 4 ounces that are under vacuum there is like entering a tornado. The spin aperture involvement in such a small area creates the fuel disdain alpha. The liquid Methane Hydrate is the density of oil. The induction coupler has variance at 2.18 and the induction plate feed through has the force delivery to the coupler. The molecule is then split again. This creates the disdain again. The calliope is established. Now we have a molecule that has been split over and over. The system has an Argo naught delta to the craft exterior or the affluent suspension delta. This leg comes off the casing and the molecule returns to the casing and delivered to the Hull again. This movement is the affluent delta. This happens 8,100 times. OVER AND OVER, until its resilience alpha. 8100 is an important number. Every time this happens the 8400 strand picks up the disdain in a single point of light. The fiber optics serve to Excalibur the fuel in consortium count. The computer or A/I counts each point of light. The coax is linear. The distribution starts right away. and fuel is now vibrate. When the fuel is vibrate it convulses the disdain over and over. This compounding of the fuel allows the craft to move faster and further without using any more fuel. 3000 gallons on this craft will take us to Pluto and back and have a remainder of fuel at 2.18 over in the tank. The vacuum in the tank at 8100 septet disdain allows the craft to float. It also will recognize the determination of the Planet its in at atmospheric disdain alpha determination at 1281.2 in elevation. You will stop here, You have no breaks, but the planet now feels your craft and wants to examine you. It will slow you down to a stopping point and with a slight spin hover at this elevation. This is Earths Determination covered in previous blogs. The consortium alpha has reached its pinnacle in disdain. Your craft is now un-crash able. The resistance at 8100 is the clevis the Earth has. It knows this induction because space is induction. 410022381.4

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