Confine Gravity

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, September 1, 2019 2:37 PM

Gravity Atom Smasher; Gravity smashes atoms. The deltoid leads way to the collision. The graviton can smash atoms 4100 times. This turns into a signal. If you can confine gravity its deltoid is the balancer in the conquest of atmospheres. These atoms become signals. The technology uses gravity at its finite point. Dust is not dust until you see it. Gravity can move mountains. These crafts are designed to repel gravity. The only advance is the secular disdain of gravity. When atoms get smashed 4100 times the atom becomes a signal. That variance has a sound. That sound is coming from Jupiter. Every thing you can imagine is in Jupiter. Every particle every metal and all columbine is there. The particle is designed to smash atoms. Too many atoms and you have density. The graviton is there to help you live, breath, and think. To defy gravity there are rules of engagement. You must be well versed in gravity. You must know how to manipulate the particle. How does the craft smash the graviton. The truth is it doesn't. The craft deflects the graviton. It clears the space where the craft is. This induction is a force taller than gravity. The craft can move about space or in atmosphere by deflection of the energy produced. The lesson is that even energy can be permeated from gravity. The craft in convalescence will take on the graviton it has no choice. The craft can deflect any other particles with energy but not the graviton. It is the alpha particle in the Universe. The secret is to confine it. Confine gravity and you can create atmospheres. For example if you have a vacuum chamber and you release certain chemicals in the vacuum chamber you can create an atmosphere. You do not need to worry about gravity it will always permeate the structure and you will have gravity too. With enough chemicals you can create atmospheres that you can breath in. The density soon yields and a breathable atmosphere becomes the advent in the vacuum chamber. The internal vescue of the craft gives off a signal 4100 like gravity. The path of least resistance to the craft energy is with in. The graviton makes its way into the craft and permeates all within. The energy is on the outside of the craft so it can only deflect gravity, because its not confine in the Universe due to its expansion ratio. There's just to much space around the craft, the gravity is the deltoid at the location of the craft. This high resistance is metabolic to the Universe. You must weigh a certain amount in this Universe to defy gravity with energy. These crafts can not exceed 12,800 lbs. If over you must supply more power. Gravity is weight resistant. Supply enough power and you can over come gravity. Supply enough power in induction and space becomes the final frontier. Supply enough chemical and atmospheres can be created on any planet or moon. Gravity will confine the planet in deltoid advance once the chemicals are planet dysteria

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