Conical Influence

E Martinez on Monday, November 23, 2020 4:59 PM

Conical influence; What's on the outside of our Universe is just as important as the inside of our Universe. First of all you must believe we are in it not on it. Our Universe shares a conical dysphasia that holds our Universe together. The space around our Universe is made up of Hydrogen alpha particles in density direct to our Universe. The background radiation is the proof, its all over and the noise never stops, therefore its on the outside of the Universe and is a direct force holding our Universe in its place in the conical space dysteria. This algorithm is alpha seclusion demetri 48122781381.4. These particles bleed through our Universe wall and complete the algorithm of life secursions. The hydrogen bleed comes at the speed of light, and caries a photon exchange delta inward. These particles are super charged but not with electrons but with protons that have a up ton variance. This variance is an alpha particle we see in the making of stars. They come from somewhere and manifest in newly forming stars. The up-ton variance is used in secursion to the making of new stars. They can create the conglomerate around the star, like space but only hydrogen in the alpha sequence. The particles surround the delta and cut off the secursion, and conglomerate the star. The conical influence is in the making of the new star. These super charged particles are the affluent in delta that surround the new star. They are not indigenous to our Universe in their creation, they come from outside of our Universe known as the conical dysphasia. If we examine the algorithm we must first analyze the demetri first and how it reacts to our space in our Universe. It must be stronger than the space around the star, it must know how to divide the alpha Dupree in the creation. When this happens the cloud of secrecy is apparent, It displaces the regular space around the newly forming star. This stop node is apparent in all creation and the hydrogen particle comes from the conical dysphasia around our Universe. Unknown particles have a half life, they are conical in creation. The dysentery we expect is not always the forgoing in the algorithm, but has lasting value in the creation of the star, the main drive in creation of the Universe. There are other conical influences, like Anti-Matter, Fission Reactions, and known substances as water, salt phosphorus, calcium. The delta of the Universe would not exist without them. 128171481.4

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