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EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, October 27, 2019 1:36 PM

Pathways; The creation of Carnoc Assembly is a constant detail to the pathways for each strand, each strand has a designated pathway to fractal pull. The rip cord aperture in front of the suit is fractal in nature. There are two on each side of the suit. Each fractal CONTROLS A PORTION OF THE SUIT. They are designed to come together in stable conclusion. Its the density we evaluate in the detail complex alpha suit. When you pull the fractal it collapses the seam. The suit is designed to form fit, it its made special to each Lear or MLD on board. The Avery complex has detail in close proximity to the pathways in detail. It is form fitting and comfortable. The Avery complex is the stopping point of the suit because it designed to fit a particular persons own measurements. Molecules do not like complex permeations. The harder it is to enter, the more deflective the suit. Every person traveling in space should be protected to the variance of 4.18 at all times. It has it draw backs and can be very difficult to remove but with some practice can be done and allows the fractal to collapse in alpha detail. Mars has detail with this suit. The molecular bombardment is constant on the surface. If you deflect nuclear particles from the operator most of the other bombardment will follow. When walking on Mars, today without a terraformed atmosphere you are opening yourself to the kind of bombardment unknown to man. Particles are stopped or slowed down due to the complexity of the protection. The Clevis Carnoc Assembly has the ability to deflect these particles in statute diphtheria, The fibers are correct in the protection ,but also deflect in induction. In the suit there is capillary magnets they woven into the suit and wired in fiber optics, the pathways are to convulse particles on the surface of the planet. The pathways are mounted in front of the suit and are independent to the suit they plug into the woven in magnets. The operator mounts the charge diphtheria disdain on before exiting the craft. This extra charge of electrons help in the deflection of these harmful particles while in the atmosphere. The complexity of the woven detail of the suit and the added charge for space diphtheria is survivable in its self, but other provisions are collidle like oxygen pathways and collective nutrient delta to the helmet are still required. The apex alpha central detail of the suit is 4481822381.2.EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, October 27, 2019 1:36 PM

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