Creating an Atmosphere

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 29, 2020 7:28 PM

Phosgene the Alpha; The molecular structure COCI 2, Has compound reckless determination in building an atmosphere. The compound has delta as an Alta chemical, it has an ingredient, it allows the oxygen to be flagrant on Mars or any moon, When this happens the oxygen has deluge infraction from the Universe. The conglomerate of space is in charge of the oxygen in the Universe. Phosgene is the key ingredient to an oxygen filled atmosphere. The algorithm shows that the phosgene is the enabler. Creating an atmosphere starts with mulch and branches of trees, The deluge of oxygen comes to the planet with the trigger of phosgene gas the clarifier for the Universe to get involved. As the plant material breaks down the gas is emitted into the new Martian atmosphere, this columbine in molecular structure combines the alta to the oxygen. The phosgene is an alta in the conglomerate delta for oxygen. With its very presence the Universe is obliged to supply the oxygen as long as the phosgene has columbine. When the phosgene is evaporated the Universe can create the delta down in gravity. Phosgene is the trigger for the planet to communicate to the Universe it needs more oxygen. Oxygen levels climb and the phosgene dissipates in the new atmosphere. This is a natural way to create an atmosphere for our colonists of the future. The Terraforming of Mars insures the survival of Mankind. Phosgene in delta 227181481.2 signal alpha 8828844781.2, columbine delta at mid mark Mars alpha sustain area 48122371.2. Oly, Mon. Re ignite oxygen parameters, phosgene alpha to coordinance. 78155281.4.

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