Critical Mass

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 10:43 PM

Dystrophy; Space dystrophy is calibrated its detail has a flash point its when the inductive power reaches it critical mass, The space around the craft is easier to move through. Induction can condition space to evolve, Space is collective in the conglomerate, it wants to move, Dystrophy has a calibration, its when the critical mass deliberately dissolves. The space around the craft has been compounded 8100 times. Density has a delivery, its compound nature moves around the Universe. To compound nature you create a dystrophy in space, the energy is compounding the molecular structure around the craft. Its now levity. Match the compound dystrophy and the conglomerate is subdued. This creates high velocity, the higher the induction the faster the craft. Space dystrophy @ 8100 is the maximum space can be compounded. To lift off the Earth you must create a dystrophy of at least 4100 in compound nature to get lift. Earths atmosphere is a compound nature of 4100 we must match that before we can lift off instead of blast off. Earths atmosphere is harder to lift off from with induction. on the Earth if your craft is compounding at 4100 delta T the density equals the velocity. If its in the parameter the craft MUST NOT EXCEED 12,800 LBS. The delta is the critical mass. The resilience is very high at 12 over. The fuel is the compound. If you compound the fuel at 4100 times you will see levity. How do we compound the energy that is created to compound at 4100. Its drive creates the dystrophy, if the particles of fuel are compressed through copper and cobalt fixtures the fuel automatically compounds. Our design, is through copper cobalt infarcted piping ,wire, rod, or induction plates. The particles will compound in force from the energy that is created, the electrons we harvest from the battery engulfs the induction plates to create the compounded material known as an infraction. The energy is being compounded, when this happens the energy around the craft can reach its critical mass, and match the conglomerate of space, or atmosphere, or any other infraction from any planet or moon. The dystrophy for the Earth is at minimum 4100 compounded, but the fuel has to be Methane hydrate only, the proprietary information is dedicated to Liner Dynamics Energy innovations. Algorhythm 41002884958100.

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