Crotacomb Delta

EA Martinez on Friday, July 3, 2020 6:45 PM

Crotacomb Delta; As we study the very make-up of space and its frequency we can tell the information is a delivery system. Everything is moving, including the Universe its self. The Crotacomb delta is the languish after the collidle infractions have taken place. This is very important in the frequency of the Universe at 8100 in Compound Nature. The Crotacomb delta has the properties to columbine certain chemicals and vortices in the embankments of the dysteria. Planets can form and columbine certain planets to recourse itself to the Universe. This communication between the Universe and the planets is remarkable. The Crotacomb delta makes it happen. They are signal alphas that carry the information to the Universe and columbine the chemicals to the proper locations. The Crotacomb delta carries the information and what exactly the planet or Sun needs. The delivery system in our Universe is complicated by the physics to explain it. Atoms do not always behave in an orderly manor, therefore the Universe can only deliver certain chemicals and elements to different areas of space continuously. For Example Mars is calling for phosphorous at this time, and we can expect a large deposit of phosphorous in the next ten years in the form of another comet. They are detail of the delivery system in the Crotacomb delta. Earth right now, is screaming for the same chemicals, these screams are a delta frequency alpha signals to the Universe 48122381.4 . These frequencies can be heard. We have established a Space Internet at the 4100 and at the 8100 blazewidth these screams can be heard there, they are not screams in the sense of the real terms they are chirps, rumbles, squeals, and whistles. These chemicals all have a signature in the frequency. The columbine becomes congealed in space and they are the calvines the Universe uses to accommodate the planets wishes and the Suns demands. Astro physics tell us how they columbine but leaves out the delivery system. Crotacomb Delta @8100Delta T.

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