Delta 7 Emergency

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, January 25, 2020 5:10 PM

Rescue Deterrent; Alpha 1 over columbine the sequence for rescue, Delta that at collaboration 4181281, Alpha Centauri system for 4 influx delta and spinning. Class5 delta in distress, Took on a spin aperture involvement and can not stop. Galvanized delta at spectrum collaboration but failed to eviscerate. The fission collected in the inversion. The colombo in specific deterrents is the doctor. He organizes the rescue mission, he columbines the information in Teledyne inflection, command algorithms say spin is affluent, conglomerate in space. 1440881.2 This where the conglomerate is doing the spinning. No reaction or systematic impulse by the command of the craft. Space has the crew of this Class 5. These crafts are designed for fission reaction the century went wrong in delivery, to much alpha in converse. The collapse is that he columbines a vapor disdain in converse too long. The craft in converse started to spin and finally slowed down its determination is up to the Universe and a collapsed delta is the result. The spin aperture is not convulsive to the body, but the doctor is convinced there may be injury. The algorithm shows in excess of oxygen in delta. Too much released, this can stop the heart if in spin aperture too long. The doctor prepares the analysis during the ranch delta converse. The class 7 will stop the conglomerate from delta upon arrival, the spin will slow down further and soon release, when the craft stops the doctor will board the Class 5 Induroshoot. Compression chamber is alpha state 21348718.2 , The Induroshoot is attached to the Class 5 Vixen delta chamber and is unlocked and open for Lear alpha coordination. The doctor and the Lear are involved for vixen entry. The doctor leads the investigation. The transverse door is open, In the chamber the transverse door is stuck open. He notifies his Lear, and they observe the vitals of the crew and the craft. The class 7 Star Ship has the ability to retain the conglomerate at all times, there is constant contact. A small amount of Anti-Matter follows the ship. The Class 7 canceled the spin aperture of the class 5 involvement by sheer presence in resilience. The Class 5 was smart in notifying the Class 7 its capable of cross canceling the conglomerate. You do not induct in a spin aperture involvement, now you are traveling and spinning, much harder rescue. The alpha is secure. Engineers are sent in to repair the transverse door repair. Oxygen collection by the conglomerate will convulse a spin aperture involvement by the conglomerate most of time. It thinks the craft is a celestial body. 4140 alpha the sequence to the A/I in command and deliberate the convulsion. Full report to Mission Control is alpha sequence 22481.2.

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