Delta Down

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, September 2, 2019 12:34 PM

Hyperbaric Induction; The confines dictate the amount of gravity is be to inflected. The more oxygen , nitrogen, and hydrogen in confine delta the higher the gravity inflection. Gravity is columbine to these basic elements. The Eco Universe is paradox connected to gravity. Gravity will always be there, no matter the chemical breakdown, its volunteering its deluge to anything in the Universe, including planets and moons. The question is what are the confines of the planet or moon. The Universe knows what is in convulsion to the planet or moon. If the deluge is mostly sulfur the oxygen will be low. If the planet or moon has a nuclear inflection the hydrogen would be high. This creates higher gravity inflection. Gravity seeks out the deluge of planets and moons. Hydrogen counts are a guarantee that the delta is gravity inducted. If other counts are pervasive in the analysis gravity becomes stronger. The higher the count the higher the gravity inflection. If oxygen is high the gravity is dormant like the Earth. To have all the elements like Earth there is a good chance that gravity is apparent delta. The chemical analysis of a planet or moon depends on what the delta is. The graviton seeks out this condition and embanks the cretol of the planet or moon. The graviton smashes all that enter. It displaces chemicals to a signal variance. When the Graviton does this the planet or moon is in collective disparity. This is a place where life can be sustained. The gravitational force increases every day by micron delta inflection. The climax is Delta Down. This where all things fall to the ground. High gravity inflection is a stable atmosphere for life sustain. The density of space is catapult. The inflection is dormant and life can take hold. The graviton is a natural feed to the planet, and density diminishes to AIR. 410022481.2

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