Delta Down

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, June 12, 2020 11:55 PM

Gravity relation to induction; Gravity is compound energy the graviton is not theory its a real particle. Its a particle the Universe knows well. We live in a delivery system of chemicals and compounds. The Space Conglomerate our Universe has the power to dictate the particle absorption. Gravity is a component of Air. Without gravity you would not be able to breathe, you will not fly off into space as some would think, Gravity is everywhere when something is everywhere its coming from the Universe. Gravity is the byproduct of the Universe spin aperture involvement. This planet is in what's called delta down, everything falls down. That is a command from the Universe to carry on with life and do not stop the delta in rapid sustainability. . Induction reacts differently in space than on Earth, on Earth the molecular structure polarizes where in space its a delta to the conglomerate. The 2 states of gravity delta down and inductive are the differences. While on the Earth its hard to lift off because of the delta down of gravity. Inductively at high power it will lift and correlate the gravity to levitate and speed induct. Inductive power is the only power where by you can lift from the Earth without thrust. Inductive power can manipulate gravity waves. The magnetic force is the delta, the fuel is the levity. To create a magnetron to correlate the gravity and separate the conglomerate to the craft takes induction. Delta down the first state of gravity has the conglomerate to sustain life. The second state of induction is a conglomerate expectation. The conglomerate will allow lift with induction only in the first state. In the second state of the energy is part of the conglomerate and will move this craft at max deltas just like any comet or fastest space body. This is known as affluent . 78122784481.2

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