Delta the Anti-Matter

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, November 10, 2019 7:38 PM

Anti-Matter Confines; Where do we go to find Anti-Mater? The course sends us approximately 40 light years into the future. When we travel in space at mach speeds we travel into the future not in the past. Alpha Centauri's is known to have Anti-Matter in a stable state. The Time dilation is subject to differentiate future or past. When we travel in space in our life time we travel in the future and the past is what we left behind. To understand space-time dilation one must first allow to a fast time into the future. Traveling at Mach speeds with Anti-Mater confines the delta to extraordinary time dilations. The advance of Time Dilation has cause, it remembers, it allows the Lear to control his destiny any where in the cosmos. Traveling 40 years into the future and return compounds, time dilatation. You may be 40 years older , but your family would have died of old age when you return. Anti-matter changes that. The faster you travel in to future the more TIME DIALITES. The Anti-Matter allows for very fast times into the future. Your family would age very little if time was conditioned for Earth , but its not, its conditioned into the future. Anti-Matter allows for quicker travel time to other galaxies and make it back to your family you left on the Earth. We travel into the future because the amount of Time has dilated less in the securum analysis. The time it took to find the Anti-Matter may only be 40 years space time, but a catapult back are traveling back to a point in Time Dilation a lot closer to the 40 years in total travel. 41.18 years has passed on the Earth, We left with no Antimatter and came back and traveled light years in a fraction of Time dilation thought possible. It took us 40 years but we traveled into future 1.18 years. Time Dilation does not stop no matter the speed its relative to where you are. Confines the delta with Anti-Matter. Traveling light years are possible in space time Dilation. However you must know Anti-Matter and its PROPELLANT CAPABILITIES. 4100880022471.2

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