Distress Signal

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, November 3, 2019 7:25 PM

Condition Red; At the top of the Star Craft there is a beacon it represents the condition red in a white strobe. It will never be used unless in an emergency is apparent or test. It is for human to human contact only. This white strobe has pluses at 22447722381. The 1/2 second interval is a condition red, this could be a problem with the craft or with an unknown disdain. Its the only one in existence. Its rhythm is advanced secursion or distressed signal collaboration, The collaboration is an algorithm in sound variance, This signal is for Mission Control to here and see in algorithm. The Earth has complex variations to the solar system. The vector is described in the variance in sound. The key board has a myriad of sound variance. With a 10,000 variance in collective sustain. The White Strobe is a collaborator with the home planet. On the Earth the cohesion is alpha central in detail with telescopes in track with the variance. The Lear can also signify a distress signal or completely change the variance almost to a sentence. We are being boarded by unknown disdain, or the craft has suffered Topac disdain and alpha central is in command. Your craft is falling and will continue to fall until another craft is on its way. Space is vast, up is better, but down is survivable. The craft can fall for a life time but faster the better for rescue. There are no red lasers or interior lights that are red. All distress is white. Red variance is for large ships do not use red in space, unless you are a hundred or more in clavicle disdain alpha. If there is hundred personal the red signal is distress but calibrated. Colors in space are important to know and their variance and how it relates to the Universe. The concept of red in a laser is a disdain to others. They will immediately consider you as fractural. The ship is breaking up. There will be no survivors. The clean up should be the home planets responsibility. When we have a train wreck we do not just leave it there, we must try to retrieve. The Space Annuls require any craft that has disassembled be cleaned up after, to avoid incursion from other races using that vector. If we visit a planet we do not contaminate the surface with nuclear disdain. Nuclear Reactors larger than 7.18 are prohibited in space. Anti-mater in contexts alpha cylinder are no more than 2 grams. Higher inductions with anti-mater are context alpha cylinder cobalt steel and contained in the hull with drag solution to the induction chamber. The cervix can not exceed 2/10ths in delivery.

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