DNA Has Delta

EA Martinez MLD on Thursday, May 14, 2020 1:18 AM

Alpha in resonance continued; DNA is the alpha in induction, when DNA moves through the body its induction that moves it. This is the internal energy we all have. Its been described as Chi and a sixth sense in some people. It has an in-value of 2.81 mill hertz its the alpha energy in displacement. DNA is not just a fulcrum of the identity of someone ,it has a function. It can move , secrete and has the ability to absorb. DNA is always there, it has a definite displacement within the body. DNA has 3 primary strands two on the outside and a series of runs in between. The fulcrum comes from the building blocks of life, all segate DNA is inductive. The Earth has a fulcrum with DNA its in-value is 2.81, you match your in-value of your home planet. What is the in-value? The in-value is the internal vacuum within the body or the planet you were born on. The algorithm has a coordinate for this displacement at 2.81. Mars has an in-value of 2.87, Jupiter at 4.941 , Venus 2.781, The alpha changes in resilience in the displacement and coordinates its life sequence accordingly. The Earth is the only planet in our solar system with the in-value that matches our DNA. Mars is second in a close match therefore would be a candidate for terraforming and adapting fortitude. Its important that we look at the internal vescue of any planet we explore and investigate its fulcrum, if not, it in time could change your DNA. Nuclear power for example has the ability to change the alpha incumbency on the Earth or out in outer space. Resonance can protect your DNA. The field of energy is a displacement tool for space travel. The field protects against nuclear particulate and harmful particles that man has made or in outer space. The delta is a vanquish in the incumbency of the absorption process of the internal vacuum. As you move further from the Earth your displacement changes its the alpha that is subject to your fortitude. At 1 billion 481 million nautical miles your alpha slows down, you now age slower than people on the Earth. You have reached a pinnacle of disdain. You are now released from your home planet. Your alpha changes and the detail in the algorithm is now fortitude. The only protection is induction that your craft in making. Speed is a variance and has no effect on your alpha incumbency. Maintaining your alpha can only be achieved with induction. When you return to Earth your alpha must be regrouped into an acclimation process of resonance with the XCL Power Producer in the index to reestablish your rhythm in variance to the Earth at 2.81 or you could suffer the alpha displacement cordial advances like, muscular disdain, bone determent, blood disabling disease and heart rhythm dyslexia. Return acclimation alpha displacement 78122388144022371.2.

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