DNA Lockdown

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, September 27, 2019 9:40 PM

Serial Detention; The craft is equipped with Serial Detention attribute. Its design is for safety purposes. The Serial Detention aperture is a recorded DNA sequence to enter the craft. The bay Door will not open for anyone. It constructs the alpha signal of the Lear only. The Lear has a recorded DNA sequence at entry deploy. You must lick your finger to enter the craft no other person with a different DNA can enter. It will not open with blood nor any other sequence of DNA except that of the Lear Captain. The capillary disdain must be genuine. The receiver has detection mode for improper entry. The DNA has culvert to the vacuum system that releases the Bay Door. Its innovation is highly classified. It works for the Lear exclusively. Serial Detention has attributes for highly classified aperture involvements. This is a class 4 entry system. The DNA can not be duplicated. Only the Lear that can induct the craft can open the galaxy field entry. Its programmed to deploy the authorized Lear. No other Lear can open the Bay Door. He is only sequenced for his craft only. This prevents anyone from entering the craft without proper training. These crafts can catapult out of the orbital margin and only skilled Lear can operate them. DNA is best security margin for the deploy, It has reference to when the Lear entered the craft and time of deploy. It records the sequence in alpha state projection and lift off sequence. It also is connected to the on-board computer for dispatch sequence with alpha control at NASA to record every lift sequence and distention. This keeps criminals from stealing the craft and leaving the orbital margin. The sequencer can shut down the power display and confused the would be thief. The sequencer allows for levitation but only at 3 miles per hour. The power sequencer allows the craft to lift to demetri at 12 inches and culverts the detail to surrender. Its impossible to steal this Class 5 Star Craft. 4477281.2 over sequence alpha in detail security breech.

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