Do Not Pollute Space

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, August 30, 2020 5:46 PM

Foreign Particles; When in space there are foreign particles, They are combustible matrix particles. This is where a fuel is burned in space it condenses the space affluent. This burn is similar to carbon monoxide on Earth. Combustible Matrix Particles are a pollinate in space columbine. Limit thruster technology and rocket fuel in space. These particles can not columbine with space affluent. They create deflection in the inversion fields. Negative ionic is a safe propulsion for space crafting. Positron matrix just adds to the Nuclear deflection. The calvines that exist are columbine delta for the Universe and when you bring in foreign particles you degrade the potential speed in the calvines. Some can be reduced in half. Inductive crafts can travel at the onset of this technology at 81,000 FPM. Foreign particles at known vectors that have columbine delta from the Universe can drop your top-out speeds to under 41,000 FPM. Our primary columbine Delta at 19,m 481 is one that can not be contaminated. This calvine is the ultimate concourse to Mars in minuets rather than months. It is directly above the Earth, and vector 78133481.2 over the columbine alpha signal 128171481.2. Each columbine are made up of particles that can move at the at the speed of sound 281,000 FPM. NOT TO EXCEED. Burning in space is a determent for space travel. Move inductively and gain the respect we deserve. Do not Pollute Space with foreign Particles. Do not add Nuclear Inflection. We may not be the only species that use these columbine deltas provided by the conglomerate. Chemicals are affluent in columbine delta from the Universe and contamination could lead to our own demise. Alpha Law Insurrection 77281.4.

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