Don't Die in Space

EA Martinez MLD on Monday, November 4, 2019 10:32 PM

Abomination of the human body; The delta requires the traveler to keep moving in space. I believe, at one point some may choose to live out there. They are scientist in planetary production, discovery, molecular science and strategic locations for faster inductions. The life blood of an industry that has barely begun. Quantum computers are at the forefront of exploration in molecular science and the quandary of space time. If a lifetime is spent in space then we must consider death. It is not proper in the space annuls to be buried in space coffins or death into space delivery. Space is untapped and to confuse the alta with molecular structure with human remains in space is not allowed. The density will defy the natural aspect of a decent burial. Ashes to ashes dust to dust becomes angry confusion to anger in validity, its not decomposing in space. It is a contamination to space, to die in space and without returning to your home planet compromises the natural sedative of space. There are no microbes to detail the body to decompose. Main prerogative is to land and bury on any planet or moon. Dying in space in your craft without retrieval is an abomination to the human body. It also lacks the fundamental breakdown particles needed to decompose in space. If it happens a lot it could be an infection to space. Wars are not an option for space. We do not die in space. If it happens no one is left behind, they all will return to Earth and celebrated for their accomplishments in the space Annuls. We must track the travelers for the main prerogative. Space is sensitive to deluge, calliope, disdain in the Altas, Man in its self can contaminate space virtue. Man was made of the Earth and remain part of the Earth at any cost and retribution to the clarity of any mission. Delta Dismay Columbine Delta Significant 4100. Space Law preserve to the Earth. 410022781.2.

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