Dupree Advance

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 9:14 PM

Chemical Dupree; The chemical in space is referred to as a Dupree, Its known substance and its hidden substance. Chemical Dupree are virulent in space delta. They move like the wind in space. There is nothing in density that can stop them. If they cavitate an area the density will change. Planets are dependent on chemical Dupree in space to change the nature around the planets orbital margin. The planet calls for the Dupree and the chemicals arrive at one point. The most common Dupree is oxygen. The nitrogen is elated to find oxygen in itself. The oxygen clings to the nitrogen like big brother. Chemical Dupree separate the molecules to organize a differential in the atmosphere. The chemical is often exhumed. The hydrogen cavitates to certain molecules and a force is created. It can jump, roll or disdain the hydrogen. It will levitate certain chemicals or space particles. Helium will move particles up to heights it can also lift the planets demetri in the constant disdain of the planet. Suffer, helium, and hydrogen have lift capability. The Chemical Dupree is the Anglo disdain of the molecule. If a chemical disdains a molecule on a planet the molecule dies. Its no longer oxygen or hydrogen its a gas or changed substance. This chemical soup around planets that are forming have the Dupree mechanism to establish the atmosphere. Phosgene gas at Mars right now would create oxygen from the conglomerate Nitrogen. The nitrogen would drop out its holding of oxygen for the planets delta in the making. Nitrogen is responsible for the turning of the planets columbine and the planet follows suit in the expression of the molecules in generation alpha state. This force attracts gravity. Soon the planet is literally turning like the columbine introduced by the Universe conglomerate. If there is enough sediment delta in the planet it will turn no matter the core itself. The sediment delta is dependent on the chemical Dupree to establish this determination of the newly formed planet or new activity. Time can now be established on this planets axes. Chemical Dupree and Time are forever linked. The planet can spin very fast or very slow the chemical Dupree is the fulcrum in that delta. Large amounts of hydrogen and chemicals of unknown origins are what make up most of the constellations. Most of the Gas Giants in our solar system right now are calling for Nitrogen. The Sun needs plasma. How does it retain its function without the help of the Universe alpha signal disdain of Chemical Dupree. Plasma is made from chemicals that The Sun has requested. If its holes become very large before it can disdain the chemicals the Sun will weaken. If it receives the chemicals the Sun can repair itself. The large Sun Spots go away. Solar expression is an everyday convulsion. Relax the density and receive the chemicals in transit. 128144781.9

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