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EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, February 23, 2020 10:47 PM

Vortex anomaly; The Class 7 has the vortex anomaly in that it is powered from the sequence to the resilience field, The inductive linear accelerator is the confine delta of the ship. The molecular structure is spinning around the track at 4.18 billion miles per hour. The track is 32.18 in length there are 2 of them they starboard and aft the ship. To understand the anomaly the fuel expense is the molecular structure it has the differential in the aft position. When the molecular structure is spinning it allows for the ship to convex the delta when this happens the cordial advance is subject, it also is spinning at the starboard position. They turn in opposite directions of each other. This is a catapult variance on board. The fuel is in cased in the fuel tank and distributed to the linear track. Once in track formation the vortex is abbreviated in sequence. This creates a vortex with the ship turning the ship in a pattern left to right. The ship is already aloft and coincides with the lift sequence. The supply to the vortex is the fuel expense of methane hydrate, it spins so fast that the ship has demetri in the alpha sequence. The key to the spin aperture involvement is that the complete track assembly for both linear accelerators are under vacuum at 2.18 over and stay that way for the whole mission. Similar to the Class 5 star craft they both have separated casings. The casing are designed to convex the anomaly in the lift sequence. The reactors are wired to the track assembly and the vortex is oscillating the reactor, and is made of brass. The brass reactor is on center of the casing and under vacuum, this creates the vortex in the anomaly. The wire that transmit the oscillation is of carbon infraction, this copper infraction is the stimulator. It is made of copper and cobalt and columbines the oscillation. This most advanced propulsion ever invented. We employ E=MO squared. The convex has delta through out the ship, but to analyze the lift sequence is important and its detail to the resonance factor at 4 over. The MASS OSCILLATION is the precursor to levity for space travel. The vortex is the detail and lift sequence is established. The ship has weight limitations but the vortex is to mobile the ship in the variance in the lift sequence. 7814488281.2. There are no subzero temperatures required. The spin aperture involvement is all that is needed. High velocities are the columbine in resilience factors. The magnetron has been studied in great volume through out our designs. The Inductive Linear Accelerator is the complex algorithm for space propulsion from Earth and beyond.

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