EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 4:52 PM

E=Mo2; The nomenclature we abide by is Energy Equals Mass Oscio Squared. This is a short version of the energy parameters, and what they do in our technology. The energy is the inversion field we create, the mass Oscio is the oscillation the energy creates, multiplied for conditions to change the out-put delta of the innovation. When we create the inversion field on board the craft, we are compounding the fuel matrix in the methane hydrates. When you compound a molecule like methane hydrate it can deliver a charge to its nucleus. The charge comes from the battery and we are simply harvesting the electrons for the composition in the matrix alpha signal in resilience. The electrons are not readily available in space, you must bring them with you. The battery has trillions of electrons to add to the oscillation. This all happens in the casing of the innovation, the vacuum is statutory to create the resilience, the combination of a fuel matrix and the oscillation breaks the ties to the foreground delta, and released as free energy. Compounding the fuel smaller and smaller creates the resilience. This compounding can only go so far, its delta will equal its output delta, at 8100 calvine delta the match we seek to travel in space comfortably and condition the space around us as compliant, it will yield the space in front of the craft and return to the induction plates in the rear of the craft for further dissemination of the electron base. Once you reached the compound delta of any fuel you can establish a convex in the fuel that can propel your craft. As long as you have fuel you can continue on your journey. The electrons are repeaters, they will stay with the energy in confine for further use in the matrix delta. The battery we prefer for our matrix delta is lithium ion under vacuum. The charge is substantial and keeps the confines charged with the bounty of the fuel. 48122781.4.

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