Electron Bank

EA Martinez MLDon Sunday, June 30, 2019 11:06 AM

Space Triopathy; When we think of space many of us believe that there are electrons bouncing everywhere in space. The truth is if you need electrons to operate anything you must bring them with you. Space is incapable of making electrons, Why? Space is the dysentery, not the affluent. Affluent controls are prudent for space in that they encumber the delix in the environment of space vacuum. A free electron joins gravity. Gravity is everywhere. How did gravity start? It seems that electrons had to be here when the Universe was started, but the fact is they were not. There were only Neutrons. Electrons are a further of space evolution. They quantify the dangers of space. An electron build up is dangerous in space, It must be deteriorated to be of use. The electron has variance in space, it can only move forward in a vacuum by only a vacuum of stronger fulcrum. In other words the electron does nothing in space and becomes dysentery for space. The electron delta will were very thin quickly. Its mass becomes cumbersome in space. The defuse will columbine to the calliope only in the inversion fields. Its delta becomes mute. However under vacuum we see a different reaction for space delta. Electrons force the affluent in the EXO-PROPULSION. This is why its important to have a battery that will close the virtue of space delta. The battery equipped in the Class 5 Star Craft is very large. It is comprised of a compilation of carbon fiber, casing is 4 inches thick and like a huge envelope has a linear distance of 32 inches in length. This battery is also under vacuum. The contents are Lithium packed in very close. Lithium under vacuum is Lithium Oxide. Its as close to Air as possible in the Garneth Delta. Space has a Triopathy it can be in two places at one time. Electrons have the uncanny ability to do the same thing. We utilize this phenomena, in the battery deluge delta to the casing and like a very long battery conduits the craft is wired in the engulf delta. The conduits are comprised as the affluent in the electron base through out the conduits and are wire only at the junctures of the necessary columbine. These conduits are packed with lithium as well and under vacuum. There are no continuous wire as we see in modern electrical circuits. The affluent is carried by the molecular structure of the lithium rather than the wire that can break or delete its self. This is known as detail affluent columbine. 78122381.4 T he algorithm shows this is the safest way to protect a circuit or battery in space. Its as far as we can go, because we can not fail in the converse delta. Electrons are harvested on this craft and used to delta the affluent comprised on the outside of the craft.

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