Emergency Contingency

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, January 26, 2020 1:49 PM

Preves Disdain; The doctor has the ability to interrupt the disdain in converse, but what he is looking for is the state of the person in climax disdain. If he is not fit to serve one of the cohorts will escort the craft back to Earth. The spin aperture involvement was past the collidle x-Time of 22 hours. The brain will convulse in complex algorithm, but the Lear is coherent and alert, He tests his vital signs with a body examiner, its the defuse mechanism to revert his heart to a biological state. This device is a standard practice and on every Class 7 sick bay delta. Its a form of low level induction that can re-master the body to its Earth like state. When traveling long distances more than 1 billion 481 million miles one looses his grip on the Earth, therefore must re-master his vital collidle influx to an Earth state. This device changes the heart rhythm to a congluant depre. The patient begins to think like one would on Earth. If there is no changes in the Lear the mission goes on, if not the craft is escorted cohort. Alpha central is notified in valiant depre is being escorted, and convulse new doctrine. The New escort is one of the engineers and will columbine the delta craft to mission control and relieve his delta for the rest of his life. This is known as a cavity depre, its where the Engineer is relived for the rest of his life and resumes a congealed relation to space from Earth. Mission Control loves the exchange, with all the experience is well served. The doctor also recommends upon reentry alpha signal and lands the craft, be Re-Mastered immediately commandant the complex alpha detail. The normal biological state is your heart rhythm and begin to age like all other humans. Its a practice in Time Dilation. The doctor examines the Lear and resolves the re-master before the re-entry to Earth moon delta complex. Brain waves change in space due to time dilation and can become cumbersome in alta situations. The Earth has you for so long and then you loose all ties to Earth, The return trip is just as critical as the rescue, its where the doctor re-masters your heart for life on Earth, your biological clock is re-set and must be done to all who prevail from Earth. SPACE LAW Alpha Congeal 2278133481.1. The consequences are death if not re-mastered. The congeal is the brain and the heart, they must be in sync called Delta Diversion. The technology is a resituate of the doctors deliberation and congealed space law annex. The Moon detention is a prime example of relief to Earth and matches the restitution back to Earth at 248,00 nautical miles from Earth. The Class 7 will not re-enter Earths atmosphere. The Moon is the calvine in delta moonscape delta 4488281.2 re-evaluate induction chamber on the moon for 14 hours at resolute index 41 ft. Set XCL Power Producer at alpha state 22481.2 in resistance at 4 over.

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