Energizing the Earth

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, March 17, 2020 10:09 PM

Blasphemy Delta; The cordial advance of the Earth is delta at 2 plex and can convert to 4 plex in sectors in the determination of the voyage. When we start off the ship has a demetri in elevation at 21.22481 ft. The number is accurate in complex algorithm and coincides with the fulcrum of the Earth. The Earth has fulcrums all the way up, they coordinate with the Mag lines in-vitro. When the ship is generating the resilience field the ship shows resistance at 21 ft over, but as the ship ascends its fulcrum changes to diphtheria disdain in the fulcrum. The resilience is force full but can not extend past the 21 ft. over. , The ship out weighs the fulcrum of the Earth. The Earth can not have this, its capital diphtheria to dissolve the fulcrum. It will not allow the ship to linger at demetri alpha state for long periods of time. The Earth then begins to lift the ship higher and higher , remember the resilience is at 4 over and the Earth is at 4 over. The capital advance is the extra power we provide at lift off. The two XCL Power Producers at the North and South pole energize the diphtheria of the Earth. The Earth has diphtheria that allows the planet to make choices in its atmosphere. If it feels the ship is in toleration you can lift in time with the Earth as the fulcrum. The fulcrum can handle weights up to 81,000 lbs/ 4461.2 , After that it must be re energized with the induction. Ships larger in weight circumference are re energized at the poles. The lift sequence is only a few more ft, but the Earth has an easier time in the lift sequence of its own fulcrum. The field lines are what scientists contrive but the direction is displaced. In both directions the field lines move in unison with each other. Therefore its better to lift off at the South Pole. The Earth can resist better there. The North pole can be twice as long in demetri advance but the Earth will do it. The reason it works is because the inductive power is close to the same energy as the magnetosphere. We have created a ship that acts like the conglomerate and the Earth can not have a conglomerate in its atmosphere. The fulcrum of the Earth is employed to lift any ship of circumference heavier than its fulcrum power, like two magnets opposing each other. The Engineering in the Hull design and metal properties have been worked out and create a constitute for the Earth. The resilience is at 4 over and it makes it possible for the Earth to delta its blasphemy. The Earth can handle multiple ships at the same time, but the power at the poles are most important to lift sequences in alpha states. The Engineering has symmetry for lift sequences. This is a capital advance in understanding the Earths Blasphemy. 4461.2

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