Energy Enrapture

EA Martinez MLDon Monday, July 1, 2019 8:01 PM

Affluent has weight; The columbine around the craft has billions of molecules surrounding the craft, almost a haze. You can see through it, but can be difficult at times. Its a barrier to space. Its massive disdain. It columbines the molecules into the energy and all around. Its by our protection from nuclear particles and solar wind disdain. Our Energy provides protection in two ways. It firstly protects the occupants from harmful wave lengths. It is a columbine and has weight. It is attracted to the same Earth bound material as Electromagnetic displacements. The energy has a PAYLOAD. It can pick up material off the ground and transport that material on the outside of the craft. Once the material is enveloped it can transport delta economy alpha for Earth material and farming other worlds right from the craft without getting out. The Payload is 1481 Lbs. or 671.7702999 Kg. One kilogram over and the whole load will drop out. The payload is very specific this energy is like a force field and columbines wood, aluminum, organic material , rocks without copper, Steel, and most alloys. The columbine only lasts in circumference for delta in emergency human transport. To lift over a Mountain or River. The craft frequency delta and the payload is alpha signal Delta 22417181.2. One pound over and all drops out is the Rule. The skill of the Lear is important here in that picking up people or material is strategic and handled with special training. The Demetri are part of the columbine delta when it comes to reflection attributes to the craft. How close you must be and approximant variance in the levity. The material pulls up like a vacuum. It will remain there until the affluent release the material or the columbine stops. The variance is a signal alpha from the control point. Personal can pull the material out by hand. To understand the payload you must also understand the deflection attributes of the EXO-PROPULSION. Its very difficult to penetrate the Hull because of the force field it provides in Earths Atmosphere. The deflection is 31,000 psi. If the projectile does not have at least 31k in strength it will be deflected away from the craft. Columbine delta strength alpha signal complex alpha 128122381.4. This makes the craft water proof. Rain will yield to the Energy. The craft will never be wet. The energy is strong enough to deflect any Earth Storm but soft enough to Human interface.

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