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EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 24, 2019 2:55 PM

Levity in expel; The molecular structure is being emitted to the exterior of the craft. This has a pulse rate of 900.281.2 your cavity in physics will show roughly the same answer. The calamity in distress with the molecules are flagrant. They move about the craft on the Hull and to the induction plates. They build up in force field. The force Field is the calamity of particles that want to stay together. The calamity makes up the yield process in space. It at full power will yield 14.181 ft. of space around the craft. This is the yield projection. The process of having the energy on the outside has its value, it takes on a spin aperture involvement. This spin is revolutionary in concept detail. Levity is now possible because on the spin aperture involvement. Its not just the molecular structure in spin ,but all systems are spinning. They all have one thing in common they all have delta. The craft has stability in this field of venture. The field in levity has payload. It can pull up material if within a certain index to the craft. The payload also includes people and animals up to 1,481.4 over. lbs. In other words the payload is pure index. It engulfs the material and can lift in virtue alpha secursion. The strength is dedicated to the delta. This has density requirements, the first is it must not contain aluminum bar or control apparatus with aluminum. The density requirements are for 4.0 and below. It would not work for density at 4.8. Wood for example can be payload at 2.881 over in density. Steel, and iron are the Cadsbar inflection to the technology. In other words the steel will want to stick like a magnet. It can lift it but has the variance when it comes time to drop it. It may want to hold onto the iron. Human deflection is the abrupt. Plastic and containers are of ease. The base pressure for the expel is 32,000 psi. It can abrupt incoming at pressures less than 32,000 psi. the mogul is 4 inches. Smaller projectile can come in, but Rate Delay is the fulcrum. The projectile will slow to non-disclosure velocity. The faster the craft is moving in delta the clearer the galaxy shield. Protons press up against the glass and remain there for most of the journey. All the protons gather at the galaxy shield. Protons are the affluent in delta. They harmonize the exterior of the craft and produce levity. 78122481.2

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