Epoch System

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 12:37 PM

Systems Epoch; All variations in the energy systems are delta, Its either moving slower or at an extremely fast pace. The 12 stack receiver has the most control, This magnetron is delta all the time and moves at 4.18 billion miles per hour, the vacuum is set at 2.18 overture delta to accomplish the speed indicators ability to lift the ship and to progress in the demetri of space delta. The molecular structure is compounded 8100 times and is the maximum that can be filtered. When these compounded fuel molecules are in decent they create their own energy this resilience is the Systems Epoch. Propulsions that are of lower compound nature are slower, these crafts are a do or die consequence and must deliver the mission at all costs, the slower craft operate at 4100 in dissemination but enough to create lift, rise and maneuver in ways that look like magic. Its system Epoch that has the delivery of energy to the shields and the induction plates, the energy is free but leaves the ship, and returns to the induction plates time and time again. The system epoch is the amount the molecule has disseminated, The Class 7 has system epoch immediately after start up, The fuel is methane hydrate under vacuum the large tank is 2800 gallons in free form liquid Methane Hydrate, The converse is worked out through the Epoch system, When the fuel molecule is compounded its variance changes to a resilience in energy it has no choice, The delta is magnified under vacuum 2.18 and the faster the epoch delta the more induction is available. Vacuum circumference does not change to rotate the fuel molecules its the compounding that allows for the 8100 resilience in lift sequence and top-out speeds. Extremely fast crafts can be made at converse weight limits and increase the epoch delta in systems for smaller crafts. In a 7 stack system your top-out may be 81,000 fpm at 4100 in compound nature as soon as the increase is compounded to 8100 the craft can accelerate to 89,000 fpm. These crafts are designed to accomplish this very fast in space, and require the Lear to take it to its maximum every time and accomplish the TOP-OUT, There is no breaks without chemical disdain, but traveling in space its best to move fast enough so that the conglomerate keeps up with your compound nature. The System Epoch are two fundamental changes in space propulsions. In smaller crafts the Epoch is reached slower than the class 7 but eventually resides the 8100 in compound nature. Its top-out is all the time and can transverse any section of space. When in compound nature or Epoch delta the ship moves with ease and the conglomerate has variations to the movement, where the control the top-out lives. 12814100281447818100481.2 resilience in Epoch delta.

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