Exo on the Moon

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, October 12, 2019 12:46 AM

Dremel Moonscape; Exocentric satellites are for the accomplishment of sudden alpha instinct. These satellites are driven to levitate on their own and Dremel Levity. Our moon has a unique equilibrium. It can levitate any inductive craft in a fixed position. The moonscape is delta, but the moon is not. The density can support the exocentric at 1,421 ft. above the surface of the Moon. The quandary is the satellite does not rotate. If it rotates it can loose levity over time. We expect the Exocentric Valley Driven for the Moon. What this means, is it can levitate for so long and it will cavitate the Moon. The MOON WILL WANT TO ROTATE ON ITS OWN. It has the ability to rotate but chooses not to. The converse in molecular structure is alpha cohedence with the Earth, and delta the molecular structure and disdain the rotation. What this means to exocentric satellites is they can remain in transit orbit indefinitely. The quandary is that if it rotates the Moon will not support the satellite. If the Moon does not support the Exocentric it will drop to the surface within 3 days. The lift off sequence is to delta at 41 degrees and set at the trilogy alpha segate at 1421 above the Moon, The converse could be 21 days with 89 gallons of fuel on board. It will run out of fuel at the elevation above the moon at trajectory alpha segate 223448100.2 This area of the Moon is almost dead center of the north sector near crater D alpha and columbine is immediate. When the Exocentric stops in transit the gyroscope will have transmission to Earth in delta. The triangulation between the Earth Mars and the Moon will be corporal in advance communication for all crafts going to Mars and the Moon. The signal alpha is 128122481.2, the sound variance has Sepitude Delta. This has value in that the Exocentric displacements on the Moon, it can triangulate all communications in the solar system for the people traveling through out the Solar System. The Dremel Moonscape Exocentric could be the most important satellite in the entourage. Its reflex delta is subdued alpha and colonizes all sound. The technology is so clear you could literally call home from the Moon. Its decimal sequence is alpha 22,44, 88, and symmetry alpha disdain quandary. 44781.2. If sent the message could arrive on your phone in 2 hours after transmission. The communication out box is delay alpha in 3 seconds in real time communication. Its purgatory until its received. Once received its ready for the communication variance to restart in alpha again. You must wait the delay time or its lost in purgatory. Real Time communication in Space is a game changer. Exo-centrics can get us there.

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