EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, May 23, 2020 7:51 PM

Exos Centric; These are specialized satellites, They can orbit or be dispatched to other planets. The induction variance is at 12 over. They have an Inductive Linear Accelerator on board. 32.18 is the circumference of an inductive Liner Accelerator, however these Exos can be down sized to 12.18 ft in circumference. The total weight should not exceed 12,800 lbs. Completed in specs 4100 lbs. The interior is designed to be only for technology. The small craft operates like any other Inductive craft however is designed to orbit a particular planet and remain there to gather data. Inductive power runs at 41 degrees, that means anything you build will rise and descends at 41 degrees. The energy is all around the craft its the energy that has constitution in the delineation. If the craft was not enveloped with induction the energy would still lift at 41 degrees. The positron alpha signal is a vibration from the Earths core, its development is a constitute once we learn the delta and lift sequence @41 degrees.. The craft will lift over any planet or moon from Earth and hover over that planet with a lift sequence from Earth. As we talk about the technology we will see the variance in propriety. The degree in witch the satellite follows is concorcurrent, A straight line at 41 degrees no mater the height it claims to be evaluating. Value deception is key. The conglomerate expects the satellite to render its induction, the intellect tells us that we only install so much fuel, and when it runs out of fuel the mission is over and the Exos centric is hovering over the north pole of the observed planet or moon. The value deception has congluancy in the main frame delta. The craft is programmed to rise and fowl above the planet, it then is in voluntary orbit. The gyroscopic technology takes over from here, it begins to orbit the planet at a stationary deposit. It moves up and down and from side to side up to 12.18 ft. The stationary orbit is conclave delta, its algorithm is caliper delta 27188281.2. Set the interment. Alpha signals are deposited every 13 minutes. The satellite will remain there for hundreds of years.

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