Expanding to 21 light years

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, December 1, 2019 12:20 PM

Condense the overload; The class 5 Star Craft, has the ability to vanquish Time, This fission reaction is said to have the fastest induction of all time. It includes Anti-Matter, but condenses the material first. When it condenses, it has such force that time is interrupted. We can never go back in time, but we can move forward so fast, that any time has gone at all. The concept begins with the paramount that all time dilations are frequent, and all time is relative to where you are. The hypothesis is that time can be sped up. You can be in the craft doing the fission reaction jumping forward in time and end up in your bedroom wondering what happened. No realization after the fission reaction no memory of the trip back home. This is Time Dilation frequency. If you move too quickly through time your brain cannot process the information that fast, all recount is gone. You entering the Earths atmosphere and conditioned to only remember the event that just happened. Its gone. Sounds like Twilight zone but has merit. Time dilatation in our Universe is set to two time zones, the first is the time on Earth, Earth Time, the second is Universal time, this where your body goes into a slow ageing process, your heart rhythm slows down and your brain is highly fluxed in the indifference. If you travel to fast the brain will forget all that transpired. An example is if could travel 21 light years into the future in a few months the espionage would have the delta in the brain, but cannot detail the trip back. This is where post regression therapy is needed to account the detail of the space travel. The reality is that 21 years pasted on Earth but you only aged 1 year. This is the most powerful fission reaction known in the Universe. Time dilation interruption. It was only interrupted for the traveler not mainstream delta. Time travel into the future is possible with a fission reaction of Anti-Matter. As it stands we can fission react up to 21 years. Jump 21 years, into the future but not return to the past. The reaction would be compulsory and detailed from another mind. A super computer to account the expressions and the converse in detail. To jump more than 21 years at this point, is not possible because of the speed at what we travel. Our top-out is 281.2 alpha. In the future that will certainly change, confines will be in outer space and the reactions are tested there. All fission reactions in induction are practiced in deep space. Corrective analysis is the securum in the delta and all should be monitored with Mission Control. Science Fiction meets Science fact. Materials will surly have to strengthen to travel more than 281. 2 thousand fpm alpha. 78122381.2. Meteors fall apart at this speed, we may too.

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