Explain Anti-Matter

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, November 9, 2019 5:44 PM

Looking at Anti-Matter; The structure has no visible conduction. Its variance is neither positive nor negative. This means that we can change the polarity of the Anti-Matter. Its done specific in colloidal displacement. The Conical Dupree is evaluated first. We test the variance at all times in the evaluation conduction. The variance should be neutral. When induction is added the structure gains in size, this catapult in the variance is its own ability to grow. The structure becomes the delta in its Mass. This expansion can explain a lot about our Universe, but we are only interested in condition for induction parameters that equal light years in shorter periods of time. When the geometry is shown the calibration changes to enormity, its expanse is base pressure. Anti-Matter has a deltoid in the insurrection of space. Its where it comes from. Its comfortable in a solid state or at enormous temperatures, but also aids in the expansion of the star or sun. Therefore there are parameters to abide by, 1st. we never add heat all at once. Its a material that likes a slow warm -up. This is Kelvin temperatures and degrading in alpha suction Dupree alpha for heat disdain. The process is slowly warming the chamber. Suction Dupree Alpha is the condition of the heat a convection in notoriety. Its displacement is air and the heat eventually changes to a fog or vapor. The Anti-Matter has expansion capability, so a slow process is of urgent Dupree analysis. Two degrees every 14 seconds is a perfect warm up. When viewing the chamber the catapult detail is apparent. The vapor dances around during the warm up process. It will have a light blue haze to the vapor. As it heats up the delix in the material is active. You maintain a heading in deep space. The material can only advance as to how fast you heat up the material. Higher heat value the faster the expansion. 8100 MOLECULES SET TO RELEASE, stream line to galaxy shield, 2/10ths in variance. Allow for travel to expansion conical then release the expanded material until you see it change green. The material hits the inversion field and expands exponentially and the craft takes off like a molecule, they can not travel at the speed of light, but Anti-Matter is going to be the closest material to get to the highest induction. The converse is stable the faster you go the more control you have in space. Our solar system can be traversed in 40 minutes with Anti-Matter. 410082004400 Delta T Anti-Matter Converse..

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