Fiber Optic Strand Count

EA Martinez MLDon Saturday, July 6, 2019 12:58 PM

Commandeering the Coax; Across diagonally we see the 8400 strand conduit. There are two that crisscross in the upper ceiling of the craft. One 8400 strand coax comes from the Fuel tank and ends at the Com Station at the helm. The fuel tank is under vacuum and collects the data of the fuel expense. Each strand has the capability to register the confines of the tank. The Lear sees the number decreasing at the heads up display. He knows that the fuel is being used in the Linear Accelerator disdain. When a fuel molecule leaves the tank it lights up a pin point of light. The glass sleeve is an insert to the tank. When the molecule leaves the tank it registers at the com station. This is known as fuel disparity. The photon exchange is accurate in that the fiber optics can only register the pin point of light. The reflux delta makes this possible. When the fuel is under vacuum the columbine delta accelerates the photon exchange. The molecule moves out of the tank and the photon has made its exchange. The methane hydrate is the source of light. Under vacuum it glows. We can now measure the photon exchange in detail at the delivered Com-Station. The disparity does not change it fluctuates between the fuel tank and the com-station. The tank has the sensor disposition at the end of the Coax delta. The algorithm shows that when the fuel molecule leaves the tank an exchange has taken place. The disparity goes on until there is no more fuel. Counting the disparity is important in this molecular craft. The delta does increase as the craft moves forward. It also send signals to the height of the disparity in compound nature. When a fuel molecule is being compounded the photon exchange becomes dimmer. The charge allowance is 1481 and decreases to 1241 in the exchange alpha signal delta. These are the amount of electrons that have tried to make contact with the 8400 strand delta at Com-Station One. The electrons do not make contact with the fiber optics only view. The register is now calculating the exchange in real time and with accuracy. The photons are disseminating the fuel count. The collective dispatch requires the 8,400 strands in that dissemination. We know that space has induction rate of 8100, therefore the collective dispatch shall equal that or better. Space law 4488281.2 collective dispatch

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