Fighting Cancer

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, May 17, 2020 4:55 PM

Cancer Diphtheria; The involvement that this company has with Cancer is a Triopathy. We believe that Cancer can be cured with a resilience in energy. This exposure is an alpha disdain rather than a delta with medication. The alpha conglomerate has a diphtheria in the disdain where by the resilience creates an alpha exuberant in the brain that it recognizes as a cure to the despondency. The brain controls the validity of the disease and how it progresses. The resilience in the Energy can deploy the vector that collapses the white blood cells and then release to fight the disease. The brain stem cells are also at risk of being deployed, the energy allows the brain to relax enough to disdain the capillary injunction at the alpha disdain portion of the brain in the cerebral cortex. This center portion is the epidural not the cortex. Most doctors that look at stem cell research are examining the cortex rather than the cerebral influence of that part of the scull. The resilience in the energy stimulates this part and the brain releases the stem cells at what is known as adhesion. The caliper in disdain reverses the cortex synapse and the patient starts a relief node known as a adherence diphtheria. The alpha is concise in the deployment, but the energy must be Indexed at the right distance from the patient. See index deployments for certain cancers in our blogs. The alpha has but one advance it is to deploy only the vector. The index synapse has one alpha it is to deploy the vector. This is so important we must say it twice. Cancer has one deployment it is to confuse the brain. The disease was a vector when it started, therefore you must reinstate the same vector in collaboration with the brain if the patient is to recover. The alpha energy has but one condition, it is to be indexed at the right distance in interface deployment. How we make the resilience is not important at this time only that it is conditioned with our innovation in calligraphy. All energy deployed on the Earth has a calligraphy with life. We have discovered that an interface energy with enough power can be deployed to Cancer patients without side effects. Our algorithms are supplemental to the medications that are in effect to the resilience in deployment. This technology is decades ahead of its time but can be realized in alpha support and research. The same energy can also be used for Malaria and now Zeka disdain. The condition in advance surgery can also be deployed for organ transplant and the accepting nature of those organs with the brain rather than acceptance with the blood. The Energy we propose is to alpha the disdain and covet the incumbency. Human internal vacuum allows energy to be deployed without harm and disdains all despondencies within.

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