Fighting Disease on Earth

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, June 10, 2020 5:18 PM

Resonance Statutory; The confines of disease call for intervention in unknown technologies, we propose to investigate the parameters of energy being a cure for despondencies. The issue is the immediate response to the energy , when a pandemic breaks out the value of the technology goes up, people want immediate cure and without condemned economy because of it. The resonation Stations are designed to be comfortable, and self assured that the viral infection will go into remission. Disease can not stay in a body that is resonating. The interface delta matches our own ,only stronger. This gives all a chance to survive with early detection and rapid response, resonance does that, the disease starts to retreat in 38 minutes. It has no choice, it must not circumvent the stronger force. The degrees of platitude vary from patient to patient, but allows the body to control the disdain of the disease. The brain is very responsive to the treatment and drops outs stem cells, antibodies, and a culvert of information to the brain and channel the energy to the vital organs and the fight is on. We also believe a cure in Cancer is possible with energy that can be interfaced with. Radiation works for 10 percent of the population we have the energy for the remaining population. Delta T4100.

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