Finding Antimatter

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, January 12, 2020 3:18 PM

Alpha Gentry; The Class7 Starship has the ability to reach all Gentry levels. The collaboration is one fission reaction. The Anti-Matter is collected from Alpha Centauri system. The craft is designed to jump to the alpha system in several conglomerate displacements. The first trip will be the hardest, but once collected the Anti- Matter lasts a lifetime in field generation complex delta secursions on the gentry level alpha .1 to the gentry level alpha .2 in converse alta secursion 81 million miles above Earth. Our details express the ships attributes and in complex algorithm for this type of craft. Inversion field has displacements at 88 k fpm, but detail stronger advances in space conglomerate delta. The Cryo detail of the Anti-Matter allows for 22 grams per jump. The reaction chamber 12.18 inches x 3.18 in. of rectangular shape. The interior 2 /10 ths. in displacement to the inversion field. The Anti-Matter is released at each jump. The vortex anomaly is subjective to the detail at top-out delta. Crafts traveling more than 281 k fpm can experience a vortex anomaly. The algorithm is not favorable over this speed. The craft can reach Alpha Centauri in 32.4 days. The Coeleste allows for contentious travel with 22 grams in total in 2 jumps. The Alpha gentry that will be traveled in is interesting space collegiate in value, the alpha Gentry compounds the conglomerate to displace the oxygen for the Universe. This area of space is best suited to Mach Jump the 88k allows for top-outs at 281k with each jump in conglomeration with space. The first is recognized as the induction at 88k, space is very interested in this conglomerate speed, secondly the conglomerate is also interested in the remittance of the Anti-Matter, This detail allows for higher in inductions through space conglomerate arbitrations. They are timed out and detailed between the Lears confluence in the exercise. The alpha gentry .1 is lower than Gentry level.2. The alpha levels are a columbine of space dysteria. The final expression is delta 48122781.4 this vector holds Anti-Matter in discovery of Dark Matter. The collection process is in dominate detail. 4488281.2

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