Fire and Ice

EA Martinez MLD on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 5:01 AM

Systems Failure; The conquest of the mission is not to fail, we pride ourselves in the demetri of space conglomerate in detention of space Calvary's. The conquest of space starts with space intellect, without it its going to be Main THRUSTERS and a fight is in conclusion. To thrust through space is a conquest that has determination for death, Space conglomerate does not like thrust to move in space, The reason is because the delta of space has frequency and main thrusters devoid the frequency of space delta. Its a clamoring of impulses to the space conglomerate, This serge creates converse in convulsion to the conglomerate. Density becomes harder to move through, you want the density to move like butter, to achieve that, induction is key in that role, without fire, and responsiveness, in space conglomerate you are accepted to the space intellect. The confines define who and what you are. Fire and thrust are collidle and failure is assured. The intellect is passive in nature, you must be as well. Inductive power is readily accepted due to its frequency in the confines of space conglomerate. It was many years in the discovery of the space intellect, where we found the dissemination factor 8100, This number is a compound space recognizes. We searched other algorithms to best defy the cordial advance of space but only induction paves the way to true dynamics in space. Why complicate space when you are intelligence with purpose for your planet and Universe. Systems Failure in space, THRUSTERS, REVERSE THRUSTERS, FIRE, HIGH LEVELS OF HYDROGEN, ZERO OXYGEN, DISDAIN TO SPACE IN CHEMICAL DESTRUCTION, NUCLEAR BOMBS. Space is the frontier, its not to be convoluted in a way that creates destruction of any kind. When you create destruction you are the enemy of space. Systems fail, the loss is too great and you will die in space. The conglomerate is interested in what you can provide to the conglomerate of space, destruction attributes are not tolerated in space, the conglomerate can move you around and its forceful. It can abrupt your fuel reserve, here's how, while in the density of space all is congealed, Vacuum indifferences are recognized from the ship to space conglomerate, you must yield in transformation from thrusters to lift sequence. A system failure is not allowed in the induction at all, There are no thrusters on board, only the intellect to move according the rules of space annuls. Chemicals ,Anti-Matter, Devon force alpha signals. From planets only are Devon Alphas ALLOWED. Space Law 68144281.9.413

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