Fire Ice

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, September 13, 2019 10:14 PM

Conjecture alpha state; When a particle is in alpha state the ambience is cavitations. Its display is pre conjecture, why involve other particles when the obvious is the disdain of our planet. The reason is two fold the first is adventitious to the Earth. Our oxygen depends on what is happening above at the 19,481 eloquence. When we evolve to this understanding the conjecture goes away. The oxygen is made from this eloquence. The sulfur mixes with the nitrogen and cavitates the oxygen out of the nitrogen incumbency. It takes these chemicals to travel through density. They make there mark when the particle becomes oxygen. The Sulfur degenerates to delta dust. The substance creates high winds on Earth. It lands in our oceans and land surfaces covered in snow. The weather can change if the degree continues in global warming circumference. The sulfur is an alpha state particle and can reach the bottom of the sea floor. Its density deflective. It also can create head winds over mountains in the dysteria of the normal weather patterns we see on Earth columbine. These particles end up on the Sea floor and migrate further down to the expressionist area of our planet. This area in our mantle is where methane hydrate is consumed. The sulfur has properties that can create deposits to congeal or separate in the methane Hydrate. Comes out like a gas but can maintain a solid in methane hydrate solid or Fire Ice. Is the disdain worth the conjecture of the algorithm? The alpha state of sulfur has its properties, but can create Altas high in the atmosphere. The links are easy to find to Cancer. We have Altas from other planets, so we must find a way to deflect these particles when traveling in space. The energy that is being produced is the second part of the conjecture. We can not change Father Nature or space so we must create energy that can block the disdain of space and we can also clear Cancer from our planet in energy disdain to the alta. These chemicals cavitate to other particles like hydrogen and the reaction is delta high winds at elevations not needed. They create monster hurricanes with a nuclear infraction. 410022381.2. They become the storms on prophecy and holds true.

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