Force Field

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, December 15, 2019 5:48 PM

Disarmament technology; Induction is not just for space propulsion, but a disarmament technology. The field around the craft has weight, it is calibrated to surround the exterior in the affluent delta. Its penetration detail is 32,000 psi. This is a columbine in the delta that does not allow penetration of any object less than 32,000 psi. in force to penetrate the hull. This field also does not allow water to touch the hull because of its displacement capability. There is no storms on Earth more than 32,000 psi. and the rain or projectile will never hit the hull in a disdain calibration under 32,000 psi. This also calibrates on moons and planets with dust storms or evidence detail to collision aspects of space. RPG are useless against this field of energy. 50 caliber may penetrate the field but slow to disdain caliber 1422.3 in submission psi. All calibers less than 50 caliber has no effect in calibration detail to the inversion field. The disarmament capability come when you can not penetrate the hull and nothing works. This will certainly disarm the invoke. Calibration are available in certain densities as well. The higher branch field the less penetrative. The scale is of complete disarmament in all vehicles. The field of information in this technology is wide spread, and can be a deterrent in all military vehicles. The field is of energy that can be generated for field penetrations on the Earth only. The converse is the vehicles and can be battle tested. The field penetrations are covert in detail they are designed for military applications, but converse the delta very similar to the space craft. The field has lucrative disdain. You can reach in very slowly and touch the hull under examination but if you try with speed or force the field will stop you. Its payload is 1481.2 this is the strength in the field, It has lift capability outside the field of energy for corporal disdain, like steel, wood, biological, plant material, and objects like plastic and other metals. The calliope is unaffected in the detail the provision is weight, exceed the 1481.2 and all drops out. 41002278133851.2

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