Force Turbo

EA Martinez MLD on Friday, August 23, 2019 5:10 PM

Calliope in the variance; Polytechnic affirmations are collidle, The fuel cell is the lift affirmation of the innovation. Methane Hydrate is the balancer in space calliope. It is on Earth as well. When compounded the molecule of Methane Hydrate distorts and deforms in the calliope. It takes on the negative charge. the 1,400 electrons are prevalent on the molecule. it wants to disseminate but it can not, because its value is not in detail its the force that is in detail. Consequently the molecule will want to go to ground instead. That ground is the induction plates at the rear of the craft. The molecule is forced through the copper infracted plate and finds its self at the induction coupler. It passes through the induction coupler with ease and forced through liquid Methane Hydrate in the coupler. This offers some relief, but the journey is not over, it must be infracted again through the copper cobalt wiring to the casing and through the Magnetron alpha signal. Once through the magnetron, 7 stack and compacted in a C configuration through every magnet it is allowed to displace again to the exterior of the craft and is pulled through the Excalibur detention detector. The compounding continues until this set of molecules are in detention again. They make there way back to the induction plates for more power is forward in the inertia. Eventually the molecules take on a spin aperture involvement and wants to collide at every variance. This is called resilience and it happens 8100 times. Space recognizes this number, the compound nature kicks in and we have levity. Not only levity but power to move through space with yield. Calliope in variance is the distill affirmation of the technology. Energy joins energy when possible, so this aspect takes on the variance of space delta. The very space around the craft is interested in this energy. It will yield for us and allow for faster variance through space at vectors like the Justine Adherence. Top out speeds are expected to double once congealed through Mission Control vectoring sequencing. 810022381.4 Compound delta sequence.

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