Form Fitting

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, October 26, 2019 5:44 PM

Clevis Carnoc assembly; The high density suit is a special design in fabric manufacturing, The material is Kevlar and composed of fibers that withstand a bullet or clandestine meteor showers on other planets. The Clevis Carnoc Assembly has stitches that run together. They are open and not form fitting until you pull the Fractal then all the fibers line up and the suit pulls together like a woven inseam displacement. Every fiber is hooked to the fractal component. The pull of the fractal displacement lever is like pulling one strand and see the material bunch up in normal clothing. The normal reaction is the material bunches up, but with this design the hole suit fits the body at one pull. The harder you pull the tighter the suit. Innovations like Chinese thumb cuffs come to mind. This complex design in fiber matrix is best in space density. The top part of the suit has the expansion detail the lower half is form fitting. This gives the operator the opportunity to fit the lower half first. You enter the suit from the back the fractal is in the front of the suit. You can have up to 4 fractal displacements in our designs. Each fractal controls the fibers of each arm and chest and mid section of the suit when all are in place you are at a density of 4.18 with the helmet you are columbine for space walk or exploration on planets or moons. The complex algorithm has density characteristics that confuse the density. The algorithm has complexity like alligator skin. The density deflection with the material in complex fiber design is the future in space suits. These suits can be made at different density complex, but 4.18 is the minimum for space travelers. Ever see a alligator walk on the Moon? he can he just needs oxygen no suit required. 410022781339- over, complex alpha Clevis Carnoc Assembly.

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