Freeze Frame Dysteria

EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, September 20, 2020 12:54 PM

Frozen Earth; Nuclear particles can freeze the Earth, they culminate at the poles. They decipher the easiest way to freeze the continent. They encumber the delix of the Earth, When the planet spins its in freeform, the conglomerates steadies the rotation of our planet and it becomes statutory. Too many nuclear particles can speed up the Earth. Our 24 hour day can increase to 25.2 hours in a day. This power freeze can be the outcome with a derelict Nuclear power plants around the world. The algorhythm shows if the planet freezes it will speed up. We are getting colder, the ice sheets will melt first then culminate the dysteria of the atmosphere and the planet will increase its time per day. The slower the planet the warmer it gets. We suspect a cooling trend for the next 10 years, radioactive particles are dormant in some regions of the Earth, and in others they are culminating. This culminating dysteria will lead to colder temperatures globally. Nuclear particles can make a celestial body spin faster. This dysteria also includes the Class 5 star craft, and these particles should not be used as dysteria. The inversion field is marked for capillary disdain to the dysteria of space, and if you do use a reaction in space with nuclear particles the craft will take on a spin aperture involvement. The nuclear force involved is the disdain of the craft, although the operators are safe from the influx the craft will react in spin delta. Handling nuclear particles in space can kill a voyage. If the inversion field is detoured into nuclear fallout, the best derivative is never stop moving, or you may encumber a spin aperture involvement with the conglomerate. This involvement can last for days and months if the equilibrium is high. The craft is designed for fission reaction to basic chemicals never Nuclear. The delta is best explained in the fortitude of the Earth in space so be compliant with our technology. The inversion field can break away from the encampment with delta from sodium. 127181.4 Space Law delta sodium in intervals at spin delta every 4 minutes 2 micrograms added to the inversion field at Cyclene delta dysteria alpha signal 28144871.2.Do not over load the sodium bunker or chamber.

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