From light to carbon

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, October 10, 2020 1:36 PM

Light the dysteria; Light is a dysteria, the conglomerate recognizes the spectrum through graphic lensing. The photons have a photon exchange that creates copeable crafting of the Universe. The light starts out at light speed and slows to a nominal light speed. Our perception is that light in the cosmos was a light we experienced long ago. The time lapse is the dysteria. We can not travel back in time we can only move forward in time. The nominal light speed is in force through out the Universe. Light speed has conditions, it must complete its duration through its collective disparity. Photons must complete their journey to transition. Light speed is the fulcrum for carbon atoms. When traveling at light speed the photons are exchanging molecules between each other, this exchange is a dysteria that allows the photons to convert to carbon atoms. When the carbon atoms are created from the photons, matter can be introduced to the Universe. The question is when does the dysteria start? It starts when you look at it. All cosmos starts when the carbon atom forms stars and the collective scape of the Universe becomes evident. This recycling is where Physics say this was the beginning of time. Our Universe started with light and ends with carbon base life. Light is the most important physical transition in our Universe. To understand light is to understand the dysteria light creates. When we look into a telescope we see what was created long ago with the photon exchange delta of the Universe. When the photons completed their journey the transition from light to carbon base structures begin to make sense. We may not be able to travel back in time ,but we can look back in time through telescope detail in the analogy of the carbon dysteria created through the photon exchange at that time. 88128144781.2. Photon exchange in delta, view alpha sequencing in time alpha detail 2278122481.2.

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