Galaxy Shield Embankment

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, July 27, 2019 7:41 PM

Delta Bank; The common recourse is to view the outside to concourse the journey. The simple fact is we do not need to see any thing when visiting a planet or moon. The craft is designed to travel with a time aperture involvement and at an angle in natural secursions. We do not need to see anything, However a galaxy shield is provided. It is 32 x 18 oval configuration and vacuum locked into the hull. It is 4 inches thick as the hull and conforms to all determinations required. The glass is the strongest in the world, its heat index is 1,281 degrees. It convexes at 481 degrees below 0. It has a polymer and can be seen at finish. This allows the glass to be flexible. The shield also has a protection grid on the inside at first sign of trouble. The aluminum plate can be lowered in front of the galaxy shield if cracked or damaged in concourse. The craft is ordered to return to Earth immediately upon impact if delivered. The interior shield will completely close under vacuum and protect the Lear from deformation back to Earth. There is no outside shield and the Lear must use Time aperture involvement to return. The recourse is in reverse delineations with time aperture involvement training concourse. A basketball size meteor or asteroid can damage the galaxy shield. The common rule is asteroids fall down and the Lear is always up to the falling. His trek would be an incline delta at 20 million miles above the Earth at all times. These rocks fall down not up. Protecting the Galaxy shield is priority to the Lear, or else the mission is over. Loosing the galaxy shield is survivable with the interior shield and converse blind in time aperture involvement. There are 41 sensors to the galaxy shield indicating the integrity of the shield. There are 61 vacuum ports all away around the shield. If there is a breech the Lear is notified immediately. the convex shows all breach aspects in the craft. This is the emergency screen in delta and can be examined at any time. The sensors are tied into a mainframe computer and are watched constantly. The vacuum ports also include the Barrel Hatch, galaxy shield and vacuum delta in the craft. It also monitors all secursions in delta. The three way alpha sensors mounted on the outside of the craft are turbulent sensors and conditions are evident to the console Delta Bank. These are preset Delta Bank sensors, and are set prior to lift off. No adjustments are required and are ambient. 128122481.2.

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