Gentry Crossings with Antimatter

EA Martinez MLD on Tuesday, March 3, 2020 9:39 PM

Expansion Waves continued; Theory in the analysis is the anti-matter has a collapse delta but its for millions of miles and the wave is on the order of the Max Plank epilog. The inductive craft is the variance in speed, its designed to travel 88,ooo fpm. This is the collective in the analysis, its broadcast delta in the affluent delta, The ship hails from the Earth, and the composites prove that. The Methane Hydrate has a calling in sign wave delta at the connection of the Anti-Matter in confine delta to the aspiration. These two fuels work well together, they mix in the aspiration with the resilience commanding the inversion field. This is Delta T 781, The common numerical in our algorithm. All waves start with 781, they are complete when the fuel mix is dormant in the delta. All waves created with Anti-Matter in expansion are a collective of space conglomerate. The disdain is the conglomerate moving the craft millions of miles in Gentry crossings. We did not use any more fuel its the conglomerate that collects the anti-matter wave, its called delta. This movement is the culmination of 2 conglomerates meeting and the distribution of the ship is the culvert. We of course are in complete control we are simply using space intellect to travel such distances by choice we steer and the conglomerate delivers the aspiration. No extra fuel is required and we can travel to other galaxies. This is the only way to travel long distances with a low fuel consumption. The conglomerate is doing the work based on the sign wave created with the conglomerate in alpha states. Space will move you, its delta has priority and culverts all space craft. Space is very interested in your craft and this body of creation. The inversion field is just the beginning and further aspirations are possible to 281,ooo fpm. Higher inductive crafts move faster in space but top-out with the conglomerate. We can only move so fast with present day material on Earth. Expansion Wave Delta 78122481.4.

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