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EA Martinez MLD on Sunday, July 28, 2019 1:40 PM

Convoluted secursion; When viewing the interior of the craft one would imaged the delta all around the craft, but the truth is the energy has pathways. The pathways run together, they intersect at junctures that crate stifle disturbance. When this happens the structure wants order, it then decides to take pathways that the fuel structure is in confine delta. There are billions of pathways, most of them end up at the induction plates, but some end up at the galaxy shield. Glass is the deterrent in cases of pathways. The structure can create images on the glass. When convalescing at the 1281 the Lear can see that the structure can build on the glass. The pathways start to build a mountain of sorts starting at the edge and coming to a point at the top of the galaxy shield. This image is the Glacier despondency. Its the pathways chosen by the fuel matrix. The craft can be accelerated at any point after the glacier image is apparent. The fuel expense will do this every time. The columbine pathways are apparent at Mars and many other planets and moons. This is the indicator to the Lear that the craft can accelerate to top-out within seconds. This aspect is important to know because the Lear must be ready at all times. The glacier image is a convoluted secursion. It is also the indicator alpha sequence that all the pathways have been collected. Its the last pathway in alpha sequence. When the Lear inducts the craft by hand and variance to the Alt Delineator the image disappears, but it is already established in sequence, therefore the delta has pathways established. These pathways are known as confines. They are all important, but the Lear can see only the ones at the galaxy shield. These two foggy lines coming to the center at the top of the galaxy shield are not transparent. The view is always on each side of the pathways. As soon as the Lear inducts they disappear and a full view is apparent. The molecular structure is still moving only you can not see it anymore. It disappears because you are now traveling at your top-out speed. The sequence has been met. This is only apparent at convalescing disdain alpha sequence. When visiting other planets and moons the craft will indicate the disdain at the galaxy shield, moving at delta is ready. The image is still the same over any planet or moon. Color variations can be apparent when over a large body of hydrogen. Hydrogen infractions with a nuclear infraction at confine delta will produce red sparks of light. Most planets and moons in our solar system will be of a foggy disdain at telemetry alpha sequence. The structure over hydrogen body act differently and begin a photon exchange. They are periodic like nuclear alpha sequence, but cavitate to neutral alpha state during the exchange. 48122381.4 Symmetry alpha state of the molecular structure.

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