EA Martinez MLD on Friday, August 30, 2019 4:53 PM

Gravity Influx; To defy gravity one must firstly add pressure. Gravity is pressure up and down. In space the influx is up, on the Earth the influx is down. What is gravity? Gravity is everywhere. Gravity has a responsible particle called the graviton. It has displacements from Jupiter, and other gas giants like Jupiter. They cavitate the graviton to pressurize atmospheres. If it were not for the graviton you would not be able to exhale. Gravity is a life force. It also is a knowledge that has discrepancy with the public and scientists today. We are a research firm in technology and innovators, we expect people to operate these crafts safely, some scientists in certain communities have not found the graviton and where it originates from, The data is there, so we must move on to describing the algorithms to the public and clarify the aspects of gravity to our potential clients. Science is not just for scientists but for a capital creation in space crafting. Many new ventures and innovations come from the understanding of gravity. The craft must defy gravity. To do that we must have the analogy worked out to decipher the algorithm and how it relates to space travel. Some basic information about gravity is that it is a particle. It comes from somewhere, We do not believe in magic this is pure science. Doppler has the information if trajectory, its balance is at the Great Red Spot. The graviton is being ejected everyday. Please check the displacements. They reveal the analog information signal alpha and what it is exactly. This constant beat is gravity. The delay affirm is alpha 2244781.2. One trip to Jupiter can confirm the alpha signal of gravity, but also can be seen from Earth. Now that we know where its coming from how is it that its all over the Universe. Turns out there are 1,400 of this type of planet known as a Jupiter planet. All producing the graviton inflection into the Universe. Some have different rates but in algorithm they are delta at 4 over. This has been happening for billions of years. Please check the data if discretionary. We also know that there must be at least 1,400 Earth like planets in the Universe. Life is subjective but the making of gravity is a start. Gravity is a life force, its not here to move dark matter or other suggestions, its main purpose is to help in the creation of worlds for life sustain attributes. Gravity is the balance to life secursions any where in the Universe. Its real purpose is to balance the atmospheres pressure. We could not survive in space density without protection, therefore the clevis to no protection is gravity. The algorithm is clear it has disparity conjectures, but the truth is its there to cavitate the life balance alphas in conjecture for creation. Signal Alpha 4100 is real and we bath in it all day. Gravity delix 440022781381.2. Gravity is a Sumatra. This wave is columbine to life.

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