Gravity is Life

EA Martinez MLD on Saturday, August 31, 2019 1:40 PM

Galaxy gestation; The corporal domineer of the galaxy is alpha graviton. The Universe is the incumbency. When these particles are in affluent through out the Universe the gravity flows to ear marks in secursions. Gravity has a field of view. There is no other particle like the graviton. It has mass, it confines the density. It will seek out life form no matter the deltoid. Gravity allows you to survive anywhere in the Universe, the incumbency is deltoid. The graviton will balance the density and confine the deltoid. This promise is for all living creatures, if the particles are there to breath in convolute it will survive. Direct protection to density is a must but the gravity will permeate any surface and at any pressure. As long as there is oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in the confines requirement for life, sustainability for the person or animal is substantial. The gravity permeation in the gestation has far reaching implications, The material that man uses for space travel is the alpha in the algorithm. 4 inches of aluminum with a 5/ to mix to cobalt will generate a protective balance to gravity and calculates to 14.8 psi anywhere in the Universe. The structure of the permeation is the most important element in the innovation. Since gravity is everywhere it permeates all things no mater the thickness or volume gravity has Doppler. The human race requires 4 inches of protection in space and on planets with chemicals that can permeate the hull. The atmosphere of Venus will not permeate the hull of the Star Craft, its density is lower than the threshold of the hull. The craft was designed to protect in gravity inflection not chemical analysis or high density in alpha states although the thickness is correct for this type of exploration. Volume displaces the confines of the vescue and the belt pressure insures a cavity with gravity only. If you want gravity you must pressurize the vescue, once the particle is in the craft it will displace the confines in vescue. Vacuum environments do not work for human exposure, you must be protected from the density of space no mater the planet or moon. Your internal vescue is 2.81 the density is 2 and that will kill you in minutes because you will not be able to breath, the graviton must be in confine to help you breath. You must have oxygen and natural elements to process the brain functions. The body needs the protection of density with hard surface and confine to delta any area of space. The climax is where you need no protection gravity is dormant there. 510022481.2.

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